Our Prices

We have experts that are ready to appraise your items

With years of experience in the appraisal and auction industries

Our No-Fuss Pricing: The more you buy, the more you save!

We use an easy system of EVI Tokens:

EVI Token = 1 Appraisal in 48 Hours or less 

EVI Tokens = 1 Express Appraisal in 24 Hours or less

Any appraisal can be made Express! Instead of using ONE appraisal in your package, an Express will use TWO appraisals in your package.

 1 appraisal/1 EVI Token - $17
3 appraisals/EVI Tokens - $45 
($15 each- Save $2 per appraisal!)
10 appraisals/EVI Tokens* - $125
($12.50 each + $25 phone call value)
30 appraisals/EVI Tokens* - $350
($11.65 each + $25 phone call value) 
50 appraisals/50 EVI Tokens* - $550
($11 each + $25 phone call value) 
100 appraisals/100 EVI Tokens* - $1,000
($10 each + $25 phone call value)

If you want an Express appraisal in 24 Hours and don’t want to purchase a package, we offer a single Express appraisal for purchase!

Single Express Appraisal in 24 Hours - $40

*Every package of 10 more appraisals includes up to 15-minute phone call with an Expert Art Advisor – A $25 value


Your item could be sitting in your attic collecting dust - or sitting in your bank account collecting interest.

Patinated bronze figure of a young ballerina for appraisal