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Our No-Fuss Pricing: The more you buy, the more you save!

All of the below options are available to purchase when you submit an appraisal, or you can purchase appraisals on this page to use now, or later. Our appraisal credits never expire! Buy a bundle of appraisals, save money and use at your leisure!

*All Prices are in USD*

We use an easy system of EVI Credits:

1 Appraisal in 48 Hours =  1 EVI Credit 

Express Appraisal in 24 Hours = 2 EVI Credits

Any appraisal can be made Express! Instead of using ONE appraisal in your package, an Express will use TWO appraisals in your package.

 1 appraisal/1 EVI Credit - $17
3 appraisals/3 EVI Credits - $45 - MOST POPULAR!
($15 each- Save $2 per appraisal!)
10 appraisals/10 EVI Credits* - $125
($12.50 each + $25 phone call value)
30 appraisals/30 EVI Credits* - $350
($11.65 each + $25 phone call value)
50 appraisals/50 EVI Credits* - $550
($11 each + $25 phone call value)
100 appraisals/100 EVI Credits* - $1,000 - BEST VALUE!
($10 each + $25 phone call value)

If you want an Express appraisal in 24 Hours and don’t want to purchase a package, we offer a single Express appraisal for purchase!

Single Express Appraisal in 24 Hours - $40

*Every package of 10 or more appraisals includes up to a 15-minute phone call with an Expert Art Advisor – A $25 value!


Your item could be sitting in your attic collecting dust - or sitting in your bank account collecting interest.

Patinated bronze figure of a young ballerina for appraisal
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