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There are many reasons to have an item appraised. The first and most important reason is, to protect yourself! Whether you want to sell your item on eBay or at auction, insure your item against theft or loss, or are trying to figure out who-gets-what of an inheritance, having an appraisal will give you the information you need to make the right decision.

Upload photos, tell us a little about the item, choose the type of appraisal you want and pay. Easy!

Click here to be directed to our “How It Works” page, where you can see how straightforward our Easy Appraisal really is!

We can help! While we don’t sell anything directly on our website, we can help you find the right auction house for your item. EVI is connected with auction houses throughout the globe – big and small. We can help you connect with the right auction house that will help you realize the most for your item.

We can also advise you whether auction is even the right choice for you! Your item might realize more money on Ebay or selling through Craigslist or Gumtree. Rest assured, we will help you get more money in your pocket.

Our appraisers have experience working for auction houses of all sizes. Bigger isn’t always better. While many appraisal sites claim their appraisers have worked exclusively for Sotheby’s or Christie’s, we are proud to say that our appraisers have also worked for auction houses that serve the average Joe.

Our appraisers are experts in their field and have the credentials to back up their estimates. Most of our appraisers have a Masters degree. All have worked for auction houses or are traders in their area of expertise. Each has been personally vetted by our Founder and CEO.

We appraise almost everything! We specialize in antiques and paintings, but we love receiving those obscure and unknown items. Our experts will do the research to help you discover the value. If for some reason, we are unable to appraise your item, we will let you know and refund your money immediately. We will also help you find someone who can appraise your item.

You can register, but you will be asked for registration details AT THE END of your appraisal submission, so there is really no need to register first. 

You will be asked to “verify” or “apply” your coupon at checkout to activate the coupon. 

Just email us at info@e-valueit.com and reference your appraisal number. We will be happy to answer additional questions. We are here to help you discover the value, after all!.

We provide fair market value appraisals, which means we are providing an estimate of what we believe your item would sell for at a well-advertised auction or on eBay with competitive bidding.

We keep our costs low and turnaround time fast! For just $17, you can get an appraisal in only 48 hours, even on weekends! If you purchase a package of appraisals, the price for each appraisal can drop as low as $10 per appraisal.

Yes, it’s true that auction houses will provide appraisals for free. Unfortunately, these appraisals can sometimes take weeks to receive. Keep in mind, if your item is deemed “low value” by an auction house, you might not receive a reply for weeks, or your reply might simply consist of “This item is below our minimum consignment value…” You might not receive a specific dollar amount estimate, not to mention, little to no information about your item. Read more about free appraisals here.

We will always provide you as much information as possible about your item, whether it is worth $1 or $1 Million!

There are multiple certificates and standards related to the appraisal of personal property, such as Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), Association of Online Appraisers (AOA), International Society of Appraisers (ISA), Appraisers Association of America (AAA), American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and International Fine Art Appraisers (IFAA). If you are looking for a specific certificate please contact us at info@e-valueit.com. We can provide most certificates or we can direct you to someone trustworthy that can.

1. An overall shot of the item 
2. Detail of the surface – please take clear photos closer to the surface than an overall shot
3. Underneath or the back – please photograph the underside of the object or the reverse of the painting
4. Detail photos of any identifying marks, symbols, signatures, etc.
5. Photos of any damage, cracks, repairs, etc.

More Questions? Email our Customer Support Team at info@e-ValueIt.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions, concerns or curiosities!

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