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Mementos from the film and entertainment industry can come in the form of autographs by pop and film stars, signed photographs, movie scripts, records, clothing and instruments from legends of the industry, and handwritten lyrics, to name but a few.

A new generation of collectors are paying top dollar in this field and auction prices have steadily been strong.

Photo of Wizard of Oz cast appraised
Collection of vinyl records valuation

How Do I Know if I Have the Real Thing?

Unfortunately, this category of collecting sees many fakes in the marketplace. With the advent of online selling platforms such as eBay, these fakes can continue to circulate between buyers and sellers. Our Expert will do the research, compare your item with like items, and give you their opinion as to the authenticity.

Send your entertainment or film memorabilia to our Expert today and discover the value!

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Emerald and diamond pendant necklace jewelry valuation


Porcelain clown with puppies in pockets, possibly Lladro or Nao appraisal


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