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Hello and welcome to e-ValueIt! Our company was born out of the desire to provide people with accurate appraisals in an approachable environment. e-ValueIt is owned and operated by appraisers. We have worked at the big auction houses, but we have also worked at the small ones. Not everyone has million-dollar paintings and they should have a place to go for their appraisals as well. We are a consortium of appraisers, who want to help people unravel the unnecessary exclusivity of the art and antiques market.

Why is e-ValueIt different?

  • We work for people, not profits.
  • We are an online appraisal company founded by a female auctioneer/appraiser
  • We are the only major online appraisal company that is independent of a parent company or investors
  • We are the only appraisal company that donates a portion of your appraisal purchase. 

EVI is not financially partnered with another company (no one gets “kick-backs” from our appraisals or a “cut” of them) and we are not owned by a company or auction house. Therefore, our appraisals are 100% unbiased, uninfluenced and without ulterior motives.

As a company, we believe that buying and selling at auction or secondhand is the more sustainable choice when it comes to acquiring “new” things. We want to encourage this practice and getting an appraisal is the first step to more responsible, sustainable consumerism.

Appraiser Corey Cripe Kuchel auctions Winston Churchill bronze

About Our Founder

EVI was founded by Corey Cripe, an expert in decorative arts, silver and art glass, who has worked for four auction houses in America and the U.K. Corey received her Master of Arts in Art History from American University in Washington, D.C. After graduating, Corey started from the bottom at Doyle New York auction house, as an apprentice. She wanted to learn every aspect of the auction industry and how experts decide what something is worth. Corey then took her talents to Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago, where she helped establish regional auction houses in the mid-west and Florida. Corey sharpened her expertise at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, where she appraised and catalogued multi-million dollar decorative arts, silver and art glass auctions. Prior to founding EVI, Corey was the lead decorative arts specialist at Great Western Auctions in Glasgow, Scotland. Corey is a member of the Association of Online Appraisers.

“I founded e-ValueIt because I want to remove some of the pretension out of the appraisal process and introduce some approachability. At EVI, we speak your language.” – Corey Cripe

Corey, a born and bred Texan, currently resides in Western Australia with her two rescued furbabies.

Leg of antique Louis French gilt bronze mounted desk appraisal

Antique Furniture

Landscape oil painting for appraisal


Emerald and diamond pendant necklace jewelry valuation


Porcelain clown with puppies in pockets, possibly Lladro or Nao appraisal


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