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Do you have a painting and have always wondered “What is it worth?” The Experts at EVI can tell you with an antique painting appraisal! Our Paintings Expert obtained a Master’s degree in Art History, with a specialization in Italian Renaissance and Continental Baroque art. She has worked as an appraiser for auction houses in America and the U.K., including the third largest auction house in the world.

If you have inherited a painting, want to buy a painting and get a second opinion before you do, or are just curious about a painting – we can help! Get an antique painting appraisal the easy way with an online art valuation through EVI.

Oil painting still life of fruit in a bowl appraisal
Oil painting still life of flowers in a vase valuation

What Makes a Painting Valuable?

There are many factors that appraisers and buyers consider when determining the value of a painting. The condition of the painting is very important. Has it had any repairs? Is the paint flaking off? The subject matter, provenance of the piece (history of ownership) and of course, the artist that painted it, are all important factors to consider. An antique painting appraisal is the best way to determine if that picture is worth anything.

Upload your photos today and let our Experts discover the value for you. Your painting could be sitting in your house collecting dust or in your bank account collecting interest!

Leg of antique Louis French gilt bronze mounted desk appraisal

Antique Furniture

Landscape oil painting for appraisal


Emerald and diamond pendant necklace jewelry valuation


Porcelain clown with puppies in pockets, possibly Lladro or Nao appraisal


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Your item could be sitting in your attic collecting dust - or sitting in your bank account collecting interest.

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