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Prints and multiples are generally considered to be a reproduction, sanctioned by the artist, of an original work. Most modern prints with value will be pencil signed by the artist and numbered. Nevertheless, there are still unsigned prints which can be valuable. These include, but are not limited to, Old Master to 19th century prints. Some other names for prints include lithograph, screenprint or monoprint.

Our Expert can tell you if you have an original, artist sanctioned print, duplicate or a fake.

Marc Chagall print for appraisal
Antique engraving print appraisal

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One of the appeals of prints is that you can own a Dali or Picasso, for a fraction of the cost of an original. Many well-known artists have prints of their work in circulation, which are signed and numbered by the artist. The production of the prints was sanctioned by the artist or posthumously by the artist’s foundation. A Picasso print, signed by Picasso himself, can sell in the thousands, while a Picasso original can sell for hundreds of millions!

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Leg of antique Louis French gilt bronze mounted desk appraisal

Antique Furniture

Landscape oil painting for appraisal


Emerald and diamond pendant necklace jewelry valuation


Porcelain clown with puppies in pockets, possibly Lladro or Nao appraisal


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