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How Do I Sell My...?

We have helped you discover the value, now let us help you realize the value! Selling at auction isn’t for everyone. At EVI, we can help you find the best avenue to sell your item, and that might not be at auction.

Unlike other appraisal sites, we do not sustain our business on kick-back referrals from auction houses. e-ValueIt is the ONLY independent major online appraisal company. ​

Other appraisal sites rely on receiving a percentage of what your item sells for, if they refer you to a partner auction house.

We will never pressure you to sell with an auction house if you aren’t going to realize the most potential for your item by doing so. We will evaluate your item based on current market demand, recent auction and Ebay prices and help you decide if selling at auction is right for you.

"EVI helped me sell my grandmother's jewelry that I inherited. I would have sold it all in one place, but EVI helped me decide what was best for eBay, what was best for auction and what I should scrap."

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At EVI, we believe bigger isn’t always better. Sotheby’s and Christie’s aren't for everyone. Your item might get lost in the shuffle at these larger houses. We have connections with small and mid-size auction houses all over the world and can help you sell with the houses that will realize the most in your pocket.

How Do We Help You Sell?

  1. We will value your item based on recent records of sales and most importantly, years of experience.
  2. If you are interested in selling, we will tell you where and how we think you will realize the fullest monetary potential of your item.
  3. If auction is the route you choose, we will put you in touch with the auction house that we think will do the best for your item.

Our Expert will help you every step of the way. We will never just “hand you over” to the auction house. We are always here for questions or concerns, all the way through until your item is sold and you receive your check.

Are you interested in selling your item? Contact us today at and we can help you with the next step to realizing the value!

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We have pricing structures suited to everybody looking to value their items.

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Your item could be sitting in your attic collecting dust - or sitting in your bank account collecting interest.

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